Friday, January 14, 2011

Show and name Change


After much deliberation I've decided to give a name to the project with Dave. This will allow a distinction between my solo sets and the sets that include Dave as drummer and whoever else we decide to throw into the mix. I didn't want to create confusion, but taking the stage with my name alone when there are others contributing to the music just didn't feel right.


Dave and I are now Flat Earth Agenda.

I like the name...there's a lot of flexibility to it...Which mean the project can ultimately include other players and genres.

Which brings me to this:

Our first show under the name Flat Earth Agenda is tomorrow night Sat Jan 15th at Woodchucks in Toledo Ohio. With Excuse for a Weekend and The New Captains.

Line up should be:
Flat Earth Agenda 10:30
Excuse for a Weekend 11:30
The New Captains 12:30

Directions are here:

I've made changes to the Bandcamp page accordingly.
The EP can be heard here:

Till next time,