Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is where the title goes....

While making room to demo for the new CD I came across some non looped material I recorded eons ago. Must have been before I got my first looper. I had completely forgotten about them and at least one was decent enough to post here...or so I thought. After listening to them I realized why I didn't release them in any sort of way. However it seems that I've always been a loop kinda guy as these tunes can be tweaked and then looped live for performances. It's always nice to listen to old stuff...cringe...and then be happy knowing that you've progressed since then.

In other news, my Skjold bass is still in the early stages of production, but Pete tells me it's ready to be cut and he starting work on the neck soon. I'm thrilled...I should have it in a few months...hopefully.

When I get more pics I'll post 'em.

In other OTHER news, I'm no longer pulling bass duty for Glass Bead Game. After my son was born I needed to take a good look at the things I was putting time and energy into and evaluate the return. Time away from my family must be productive time, and things just didn't seem to be progressing. There was discussion but differing opinions couldn't fix the issues. It sucks in some ways because the music was great and the musicians are some of the best I've played with, but it just wasn't working out.

So I'm putting that energy into production of a new CD, and some collaberative projects with Surrent. He and i have a show at The Ground Level on Nov 7th. Seperate sets and a collaberative peice. I just might Ustream the thing. We'll see.


The genius of Hard Ticket to Hawaii can be summed up by this clip:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm Really Bad With Titles...

I'm also really bad at starting out my blogs...but hey look!! I seem to have gotten one started!

Before I go and get all talky and drive most of you away...I managed to find time to complete my bandcamp site. Bandcamp is very nice and simple. All digital downloads with links to buy a physical copy from CD baby if you're so inclined to do so.

Ok...on with the show....

I've been pretty busy the last few weeks, mostly with that whole being a father and having a job kind of thing. It's been four and half months since Octavius was born and it's true...this time goes by way too fast. He has changed so much in such a short time. But I won't bore you with my views on fatherhood.

But I will post some pics:

Octavius three days old on his last day at the hospital:

Octavius a few days ago: do I find time to practice? A chore for music types who also happen to be parents to be sure. Well, I've set aside one day a week for myself, with about an hour or two to work in. It's not much and the writing process has been slowed down somewhat but, I've gotten enough material for another project, so I'm ok with the current state of things...

I've also started to use that time to practice with drummer Dave Kontak. I've known Dave for a few years and used to play in a death/black metal band with him called Into Nothing. The first track on his myspace called Into Nothing is a track I produced and played on oh so many years ago. He's a great drummer with a lot of good things ahead of him.

SO yeah...I've decided the next CD will not only be solo bass. You must be asking, "but Steven, you've been pushing this solo bass thing for quite some time now...a drummer you say?" Yes. The truth is, I'll still do a majority of solo shows , but I also would like to have a drummer to bounce things off rocks and other trajectory type objects. I also would like to groove. The loop can be restricting in some cases, and the more complex the device and the more intrusive the technology, the less I can actually enjoy what I'm doing without worrying about the loop crashing and burning. I'm a scatterbrained type of Joe...So the more buttons I have to click the easier it is for me to be confoosed.

Not to fear though...I already know the third will be a solo disk again, as I've already got the idea for that one. But I digress...

And in other news... for those who missed it and might find it as neat as I did, No Treble: The site for Bass Players featured my video of Concluding Remarks a few weeks back. They had some pretty nice things to say too. CLICK HERE to see the video. A Big Thanks to them!

So how about a few highlights from the basement?

Dave Kontak on drums and me soloing too much:

Dave Kontak on Drums again while I beat up on my bass and look at my loop station like WTF?:

That's about it for now...I think. I've been watching "Crimewave" while doing this so I'm sure I left something out. Check out the youtoobyness of a "Crimewave scene!