Friday, July 17, 2009

Cincinnati Bass Blast...

I'm a bit slow in writing about The Bass Blast, but I took a day off from the interweb thing to decompress and spend the next day with my family...undivided attention and all, well at least until we watched Phase IV...but I digress.

I can't express what an amazing event this was. Camaraderie and a sense of community was present and it was quite a thing to be a part of it all. It's really wonderful to see so many people pull together to showcase the diversity of the Bass as an instrument both in style and in philosophy. One thing is certain, community is the driving force behind these kinds of events and as I said before, it's a rather special thing to be involved with. So if you hear of one being put together near you, please go and show your support.

An incredible amount of thanks goes out to Helena Bouchez and David Yates for organizing the night. They fed us...good food even! Fed musicians are happy musicians! More thanks goes out to Daniel Johnson, Jr. for hooking up and running the event through Ustream all night as well. The man is all sorts of social media guru-ness.

Speaking of social media guru-ness not only was the event Ustreamed but you can follow the thread on Twitter by searching with the hashtag #cincybass.

As I've said the evening was Ustreamed and you can watch everyone's set below.

Three very different approaches to the Bass as a lead instrument....

So without further goes my description of the night:

The evening began with a video introduction by Victor Wooten

Mind Blown...That was not was a pleasent surprise indeed.

I performed first...I actually got video of it this time. I stuck to my set list, something I don't do usually. All went pretty well, save for a few minor blips, boops and beeps from my loop pedals. Those things never do what the're supposed to do at a live event. Or should I say my feet never do what I tell them at a live event. KAHN!!! indeed. It also didn't help that I wore my sandals for the first half. I always play barefoot, I feel grounded and there is less room for pedal mistakes. Lesson learned.

Doug Johns and Chris Ceja were just incredible to watch. A real treat. If they're anywhere near your town you owe it to yourself to catch these guys. Doug does so much with just four strings and Chris is a madman on the kit. They also did a tribute to Trentin Manning, a fellow bassist who passed away not even a year ago. Fitting as we all knew him and Cinci is his hometown.

Jauqo III-X, Jim Gifford, and DeLawn Simpson (who plays a 9 stringed Ergo guitar) finished the evening with some of the most original sounding material I've heard in a good while. It was a sonic assault in someways and yet, there was so much grove present. Jauqo has a rather innovative technique which allows him to thump, pick and tap with minimal effort. Lots of great sounds from his band, who are formally called Jauqo III-X Reality.

And there you have it. The first annual Cincinnati Bass Blast all blogged out for you. Hopefully it makes sense and hopefully it conveys what an awesome event it was. Here's to next year!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

When Moshing had an Anthem...Plus...More Bass Stuff! Well at least bass themed....anyway.

So yeah... The Bass Blast is tomorrow. I'll post pics and whatnots and things after it's all said and done.

I'm on can read all the riveting things I have to say from my twitter feed over there on the right. That would be that'a way ----->

Anyhow, After youtubing my way through memory lane looking for "Old Skool" metal to point to for #musicmonday...(you've got to have the hash mark or you fail, It's all about the hash marks apparently) I came across this:

Testament- Souls of Black. Can't embed it but here be a link :

Which lead to this: Exodus - The Toxic Waltz

Then This: Megadeth - Peace Sells

Which then led to many, many other things...some of which were rather embarrassing and perhaps a blog about the embarrassing music I listened to is in least for penance...a sort of public flogging for all of the horrible music I used to listen to...except for these songs... they rock. \m/ <--- That's so freakin' metal! Grrr!

What's my point? Well, ignoring Exodus....Souls of Black and Peace Sells were two songs I just had to learn when I was a yute. Exodus is with us today simply to remind us how to mosh.

Are they truly "Old Skool?" That's up for debate...It is a touch disconcerting to hear 80's music on the oldies station....perhaps it is "Old Skool."

Anyhow...All this was inspired by some twitter discussions and I thought I'd go ahead and blog about it. (I would include the discussion but I've no idear how to do that.) There are more bass centric old skool metal songs out there to be sure....Some more have already come to mind. But in the interest of attempting to make this blog an interactive experience...does anyone who just might be reading have any songs and experiences to contribute to the list?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

R.I.P. Darwin...

Today is a sad day...Darwin my tree frog...died. He was a good tree frog and ate many crickets in his day. He lived a long life and well...contributed many frog noises to the household. No signs of illness...he just...croaked.

He was partially responsible for my contribution to The Chain Tape Collective project "Bugs." I recorded the crickets he later ate and warped the sounds into a track which is included as a free download from The Chain Tape Collective.

Let's remember Darwin in all his cricket eating glory, by listening to Martyrs and Saints

Oddly I have no pictures of him, so this will have to do.

Darwin looked just like this, and was just as big:

Thanks for the croaks good buddy...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Of loop devices and Z Grade fu flicks....

The Bozarts show went pretty well. I'm always pretty hard on myself regarding my performance so I usually record video, watch it, beat up on myself even more and then go practice. I forgot to record this one. Had the camera out and thought I hit the record button but alas, I spared myself the agony of obsessing over how to improve.

I did manage to find this photo of me doing things at Bozarts:

I tweeted so hard that night about the event...I managed to tweet two whole pics! I'm amazed at my internet prowess.

I do indeed have a set list together for The Cincinnati Bass Blast. I've added in one of my favorite songs to cover. "Grace" by Sean Malone. I haven't played it in quite some time as it's one of the first youtube vids I uploaded over a year ago. It's a beautiful piece of music originally played on the Chapman Stick. The song has been present at major moments of my life and I see no reason to not play it at The Bass Blast as it's a pretty special occasion.

Over the weekend I procured a Boss RC50. I've been using a RC20XL as my main looper coupled with a Line 6 DL4. It's worked out for me and the only complaint is that my loops are static because of the limitation of the devices. That and it's all mono...BOO HISS! The Boss RC50 is a stereo looper and I can still utilize the DL4. I know these can be buggy, but I'm working on a budget here and I couldn't pass up the price. With about fifteen minutes of messing around with the thing I managed to come up with some pretty nice stuff and can see the possibility of some more fluid compositions. Very exciting!

Besides I blew my budget on this thing:

SixString Fretless made by Pete Skjold he makes some of the finest basses out there! I wont have it until December...I'm dying to play it.

I won't be using the RC50 at the Bass Blast as it's a new device and am not willing to risk some brain fart mucking things up. I'll stick to what I know for the Blast and woodshop after.

I am by far not a Dragonball fanatic. But I tell you if there is ever an incarnation of a Dragonball movie you should see, I say skip the new one heading our way and que up Dragonball The Magic Begins. A live action Taiwan mash up of the Monkey King and the anime series. Early 90's Z grade stuff here. I tell you it's a must see if you're one who enjoys spaceships, monks,kung fu, wire fu,talking alligators, poor english dubbing, pervert pig men, magic clouds, aliens bent on world domination and ZOMBIES!

It's just so random in editing, dialogue and effects. It's simply too much fun. I've included for your enjoyment some clips I found on youtube. But this doesn't capture the full gamut of shlockyness, much less include the extreme prejudice in which villagers are gunned down by the lead singer of Vixen.