Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Minute Show Announced...

A few days ago I was invited to perform at Jerry Gray's new art gallery's grand opening this Friday. Looks to be a good time. I go on around 8:00 pm.

Here be a flier:

Jerry's events are always great and always feature some of the areas best creative types. You can follow Jerry on twitter: https://twitter.com/Bozarts Address is 151 S. St. Clair #104 Toledo Ohio 43604. I'll be posting pics throughout the event on twitter: www.twitter.com/StevenGuerrero

Monday, June 29, 2009

I should be working...

As the title suggests I should be doing something to ensure I maintain my employment but the VPN isn't connecting so here I am.

Well now, Last week was interesting wasn't it? Jacko moonwalked out of the building and because of that we heard just about every hit he had over the weekend on the radio. The only record I had was Thriller. But was reminded how much good music he made. Personally my favorite stuff was with The Jacksons, but I suppose that would be because I love Motown bass. I remember watching Mtv (when there were videos) hoping they would play the thriller video. I was already knee deep in shlock like "The Blob" and "The Wax Museum" but that video was partially responsible for my love of zombies. Seriously...Vincent F'ing Price!

What else... I should be practicing for the Bass Blast. http://cincybassblast.blogspot.com/ I have my set list down...methinks. It'll have a few slower tunes, which I hope go over well. Those are some of my favorite ones. I struggle with set lists. I want them to flow nicely and because I have some pretty mellow stuff don't want to bore people. Usually I'll have a set list together and abandon it halfway through depending on how I think it's being received. We'll see how it goes. This is the first year for The Bass Blast and hopefully it'll be a yearly celebration of all things bass. Jauqo III-X and his band from Chicago: http://www.jauqoiii-x.com/ and Ohio bassist Doug Johns: http://www.dougjohns.com/ are performing.

Here be the flier:

I suppose that is all for today. So on that note I leave you with something that has nothing to do with anything with the above:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hi. My name is Steven...and I'm a bassist.

So...I have a blog, now what? Well, Like most things I'm involved in I haven't given it much thought beyond "I should probably have a blog." This way of going about things has pretty much worked out for me in the past, so I suppose there is no real reason to go and muck that all up now is there?

How 'bout this:
1. I'll blog about bass.

2. I'll blog about ME playing the bass and where I will be doing such a thing.

3. I'll blather about various things that I find interesting about my life. Probably stuff about my kid, because we all know how interesting it is to hear about other peoples kids!

4. There will be talk of movies...This I swear. Mostly that will include musings such as "Was that a real jet pack Jim Kelly flew in Black Samurai? It sure looked real and not like he was dangling from a crane!"

5. I'm open for suggestions on number five.

6. I promise there will be spelling and grammatical errors...oh and ellipses!

7. I'll let you know about cool music folks like this guy: http://surrent.blogspot.com/ & these peeps: http://cincybassblast.blogspot.com/

There you have it...the future content of my blog all laid out for you in nice bullet point. Things will not be that orderly in the future...

By the way, you can find me at these places on the web: